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"I'd rather bend than break."
- Kim Jongin.

"Actually, I think if you have a dream, you should work hard to try and pursue it. (...) Opportunities go to those who are ready for them. I think if you work hard enough, your dreams will definitely come true someday."
- Zhang Yixing.


can someone just tell suho to start his own entertainment company


Yifan’s weibo 140908 update: peace, happiness, together, reunion @ you

You = Luhan


This just breaks my heart because we know this was Luhan’s dream. You’ve all seen predebut Luhan and you all know how much he wanted this, how much he idolized TVXQ, and for him to give up all this hard work means something seriously fucked up is happening in that company. We all knew SM played dirty and was not a great company to begin with but this just tops the cake. 


sm artists leaving isn’t even sad anymore it’s a celebration like congratulations on your freedom let’s go party


can’t exo just pull a block b right now